The R. Clifford Berg, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award was establishes in 2014-15. It was created to honor its namesake R. Clifford Berg, Jr.CLU, ChFC, AEP. MSFS, for his outstanding service to the Delaware Chapter and the community.

The award reads: This award is given to a distinguished member who has served the Delaware Society of Financial Service Professionals and has gone above and beyond in practicing the profession with high ethics standards, community involvement, and mentoring of future leaders. By unanimous acclamation of your Board, we hereby confer to those, whose names are contained herewith, the R. Clifford Berg, Jr. Lifetime Leadership Award. As such, SFSP Delaware is proud to confer this honor based upon those names who appear herein. Recipient's names are listed to the right.

2015      R. Clifford Berg, Jr., CLU, ChFC, AEP, MSFS

2016      Leo Strine

2017      Richard Thomas, CFP, ChFC

2018      Daniel Reisinger, MS, CLU, ChFC

L–R: Rick Thomas, CFP, ChFC, Dan Reisinger, MS, CLU, ChFC, and R. Clifford Berg Jr., CLU, ChFC, AEP, MSFS. Dan was presented the R. Clifford Berg Jr., award this year.

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The Delaware Chapter of SFSP was formed in X and continues to grow as a diverse chapter networking and growing, with a collaborative approach, to offer opportunities for its members to grow professionally and personally.

SFSP Delaware Chapter is honored to have had the following Presidents lead the Chapter:

1960–1961     Gilbert Scarborough, Jr., CLU
1961–1962     Tipton A. Sheets, CLU
1962-1963      Louis A. Marino, CLU
1964–1965     William D. Fetzer, CLU
1965–1966     Max J. Staszesky, CLU
1966–1967     Joseph G. Dixon, CLU
1968–1969     F. Lamar Watson, CLU
1969–1970     A. Duer Pierce, Jr., CLU, ChFC
1970–1971     C. Leslie Ridings, Jr., CLU
1971–1972     Gilbert A. Scarborough
1972–1973     David L. Tait, CLU
1973–1974     Nicholas M. Marsini
1974–1975     Warren A. Beth, Jr., CLU, CFP
1975–1976     Robert W. Wildey, CLU
1977–1978     R. Douglas Layton, CLU
1978–1979     William B. Ranken, CLU
1979–1980     James P. Martelli, III, CLU
1980–1981     Douglas E. Jetter, Sr., CLU
1981–1982     Edward O. Gordon, CLU, ChFC
1982–1983     Donald N. Pierce, CLU, CFP, ChFC, MSFS
1983–1984     William M. Topkis, CLU, ChFC
1984–1985     H. Lester Ariail, Jr., CLU
1985–1986     Robert J. Griesemer, CLU, ChFC
1986–1987     Ruth E. Cecil, CLU, ChFC
1987–1988     A. Stephen DeCaro, CLU, ChFC
1988–1989    Joseph R. Cilento, CLU, ChFC
1989–1990    Timothy R. Akers, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, MSM
1990–1991     Leo E. Strine, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, MSM
1991–1992     R. Clifford Berg, Jr., CLU, ChFC, MSFS
1992-1993      Nathan Zahn, CLU, ChFC
1993–1994     John C. Cleaver, CLU, ChFC
1994–1995     Mary Ann Tuschak, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, MSM
1995–1996     Alan E. Peters, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, MSM
1996–1997     Stanley E. Minka, CLU
1997–1998     Raymond F. Bree, Jr., CLU, ChFC
1998–1999     Steven J. White, CLU, ChFC
1999–2000    Donald T. Fulton, CLU, ChFC

2014–2015     Michael Bree, CFP, ChFC
2015–2016     Brad Foy, CFP
2016–2017     Brad Foy, CFP
2017–2018     Dave Beam, CPA
2018–2019    Adam Necelis, CPA
2019-2020     Peter F. Gaertner, CFP, CDFA, RICP, MBA
2020-2021     Tabatha R. Schrury, MBA, CFP
2021-2022     Elle Van Dahlgren, Esquire and Adam Necelis, CPA